Dear Candidate,

In reference to your application / interview with Workforce Outsource, you are required to download, print and complete the forms in the links below (You are however, required to present your credentials along with the duly completed forms).
Kindly take note of the following important information:

1.  When coming for documentation, you are to come along with the following items:

  1. Credentials (original and photocopy) - OND /HND / BSC Certificate, SSCE / WAEC / NECO certificates, NYSC Certificates/Exemption Letter, Primary School First Leaving Certificate
  2. Birth Certificates (original and photocopy)
  3. Utility Bill (electricity, water bill, etc)
  4. 8 recent passport photographs
  5. Updated CV
  6. Copy of your standard ID Card: (National ID / Driver's License / International Passport / Voter's Card)
  7. Your duly completed

    1. Employment Form
    2. Oath of Confidentiality Form
    3. Guarantor Forms – (You are to provide two (2) qualified Guarantors. Please refer to who can be a Guarantor on the Form)
    4. Bond of Secrecy Form
    5. Irrevocable Undertaking to Refrain From Fraudulent Practices
    6. ID Card Form

Important Notice

1. Kindly note that you cannot use the same person as both a guarantor and a referee

2. A Guarantor must be any of the categories of people listed on the Guarantor Form

3. There are 2 types of Guarantor Form, (Guarantor Form A & Guarantor Form B) you are to download only the type that fits the job you are being considered for. Download Guarantor Form B only if you applied for 'Artisan' Roles

Please see the links below to download all the required forms. You can copy and paste the link into your address bar or click the link to download the documents which you must duly complete and bring to our office at the time you will be invited.


File 1: Employee Application Form

File 2: Guarantor Form A (Print 2 copies) // e.g. DSA, Tellers, Business Bankers, Call Centres, Secretary...etc Guarantor form.pdf

File 3: Guarantor Form B (Artisans only) (Print 2 copies) // e.g Generator Operation, Telephone Operator, Plumber, Driver, Cook...etc. Undertaking Form 2B.pdf

File 4: Documentation Checklist Checklist.docx

File 5: CIBN CODE OF CONDUCT - Kindly download, read and complete the form on page 56 CODE OF CONDUCT FINAL.pdf

File 6: Onboarding Form Sheet.pdf

File 7: Declaration Undertaking Form (Irrevocable undertaking to refrain...) UNDERTAKING FORM.pdf

File 8: PEM Questionnaire - PEM Questionnaire.pdf

File 9: Letter of undertaking for DSAs of undertaking for DSAs.docx

File 10: Asset Declaration Form



File 13: Oath_of_Confidentiality Form.docx

2.   Remember to get the full details and other requirements listed below from your two guarantors and attach them to each guarantor forms.

a. Passport photograph ( with Guarantor's name and signature at the back)

b. Standard ID Card (photocopy of International Passport or National ID Card or Driver’s License) with Guarantor's signature at the back

c. Guarantor's Workplace/company's ID card. (signed at the back)

d. Guarantors should provide evidence of certification (COREN, ICAN, CIBN etc.)

NOTE: Complimentary cards cannot be used in place of official ID card

Please note that the Guarantors must sign and write their names at the back of their passport photograph and sign at the back of the photocopy of the ID cards and complimentary cards

Only candidates with complete documentation will be considered for employment.

If you have any question or in need of any clarification, kindly call 08176669495

You are expected to come with copies of all documents as there will be no room for candidates to make photocopies at the centre.


Workforce Outsource